The 24th edition of the European Conference on Energy Transition will be held on 23-25 May 2023 in Bordeaux Métropole, one of the 112 cities that are part of the EU Mission Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities. 

The event, entitled “Acting together towards carbon neutrality in 2050”, will focus on concrete solutions to reach climate neutrality by addressing aspects such as accounting, consumption and lifestyles, carbon sequestration, taxation, urban planning and land use planning, citizen mobilization and governance, etc. The event will feature nearly 15 plenaries, debates, workshops, roundtables, testimonials, interviews and site visits to discuss possible pathways to move towards an energy transition. Around 3,500 participants, including local authorities, experts in ecological transition, associations, and students are expected to attend the three-day event to exchange ideas and co-create solutions. 

On 25 May 2023 the European Conference on Energy Transition will host several sessions directly linked to the EU Cities Mission. In the morning there will be a plenary session “100 Carbon Neutral Cities by 2030 – EU Programme” that will focus on the progress achieved to date by the Mission. This plenary will gather the four co-organising Presidents of the conference, as well as high level representatives from European institutions and European cities, including Alain Anziani, President of Bordeaux Metropole, Jean-François Montagne, Vice President of the Urban Community of Dunkerque, a representative from the City of Munich, Patrick Child, Manager of the Cities Mission and Deputy Director General of the Directorate General for Environment of the European Commission, and Thomas Osdoba, Director of NetZeroCities.

In the afternoon, Mission Cities will delve into “Technical workshops 100 carbon neutral European cities in 2030”. These sharing moments, organised by NetZeroCities, will be the opportunity to hear directly from Mission Cities which have developed a strategy, implemented actions and engaged key stakeholders so as to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. 

Interested in participating in the European Conference on Energy Transition? Check this website for more information and registration details. For the 24 and 25 May, you can find the invitation and programme here. Cities can register by writing to the before 26 April 2023.