We are here to support your city on its climate neutrality journey. Start where you are. Act now.

What’s in it for my city?

We are here to support your city on its journey towards climate neutrality with beyond the state of the art expertise. Governance, social innovation, citizen engagement, finance: we seek to address all aspects of systemic change.

NetZeroCities works as a service-oriented One-Stop-Shop supported by world-class practitioners, in order to help European cities to achieve climate neutrality. NetZeroCities supports cities selected to be part of the EU’s Mission “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities” with a dedicated platform providing online resources and tailored, in-person support.

NetZeroCities also runs a Pilot Cities Programme to help cities test bold, innovative ideas to achieve climate neutrality at city scale. A Twin Cities Programme will also be launched to replicate solutions that work.


We work as a One-Stop-Shop providing resources to cities to help them accelerate their journey towards 2030 climate neutrality. We help cities amplify their capacities by providing knowledge and expertise, advancing a culture of transformative change, long-termism, strategic innovation, systems thinking.

We tailor advanced capabilities related to the following aspects to ensure cities have access to the best expertise available anywhere in the world:

  • Systemic change

  • Citizen engagement

  • Democratic governance

  • Capital and financial structuring

  • Social innovation

  • Dedicated online portal

  • Access to world-class experts