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Every day we transform our cities to make them better and friendlier places to live. We adapt them to the needs of residents, while facing the greatest threat of our time – the climate crisis. The involvement of local authorities, entrepreneurs, residents and non-governmental organisations in the process of creating a better environment is the driving force behind the changes taking place in Europe.

Today, as never before, the clear-sightedness of the European Union’s policy on green transition can be seen. The issue of energy transformation and the implementation of the Green Deal have taken on a completely new dimension. It seems that everyone finally agrees that only the construction of an independent energy system can ensure the security of the entire European Community.

It depends on us whether we will be able to implement plans for a better future for ourselves and for the next generations. An extremely important element of the planned changes is the exchange of thoughts, experiences and good practices of all those who have an impact on the reality that surrounds us.

Thinking about creating such a synergy and to promote the pillars of climate neutrality, energy security and innovation as widely as possible, the Mission City Łódź organises the 2nd edition of the Łódź Climate Summit on 18-19 May 2023,  in cooperation with the Union of Polish Metropolises.

Frans Timmermans, EVP for the European Green Deal, will be the Guest of Honor.

Registration link and info: https://uml.lodz.pl/ekoportal/eko-wiedza/wlacz-sie/kongres-klimatyczny-climate-summit/

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