Similarly in Spain, citiES 2030 has initiated a process to transform Spanish cities that will articulate political commitment to decarbonisation and accelerate the development of roadmaps towards climate neutrality. The initiative has initiated this process with eight Spanish cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Soria, Valencia, Valladolid, Vitoria, and Zaragoza, in three phases: (i) securing political backing from the cities’ city councils; (ii) defining the cities’ commitment, which includes adhering to a transformation process and the design and approval of a roadmap toward decarbonisation; (iii) incorporating national and regional stakeholders to sign the contract. As multi-level governance is essential to the success of the mission, the contract must be signed by the city council and by relevant national or regional authorities. In the case of the eight cities, they were signed by the Mayors and the Spanish Vice-President.



Climate City Contracts are a novel tool, but national versions have already been pioneered in Sweden and Spain. Klimatkontrakt 2030 (Climate City Contract 2030) is a concentrated effort from Swedish cities and the national level to speed up the work to enable the transition towards climate-neutral cities 2030. As of December 2021, 23 Swedish cities and five government agencies are signatories to the Klimatkontrakt 2030 process. It is an agreement between cities, government agencies, and Viable Cities in a facilitating capacity, in which all parties commit to make concrete contributions. The contract is a long-term commitment and process that ensures cooperation between cities and the national level. The Klimatkontrakt 2030 includes a clear ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. However, each city starts with its own politically adopted objective, and commits to raise their ambition step-by-step in the annual updating process.



TNO is an independent research organisation that connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way. By translating scientific knowledge into practical applications, TNO increases the innovation capacity of businesses and government.



Tecnalia Research & Innovation is a private, independent non-profit applied research centre of international excellence; Tecnalia is the leading private and independent research and technology organisation in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, employing more than 1,400 people. Tecnalia is committed to generating positive social, environmental and economic impact through innovation and technological development.

South Pole


South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd. (South Pole) is a leading provider of global sustainability financing solutions and services, with nearly 600 experts in 26 global offices. South Pole develops and implements comprehensive emission reduction projects and strategies that turn climate action into long-term business opportunities for companies, governments and organizations around the world.

Rupprecht Consult


Rupprecht Consult – Forschung & Beratung GmbH is an independent research and consulting company based in Cologne, Germany. Since 1996 Rupprecht Consult develops innovative solutions for sustainable urban development, especially in the mobility field, from an interdisciplinary und international perspective.



North-west Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA) was established as a non-profit institution under the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) program. The main objectives and the role of REGEA are to promote and encourage the regional sustainable development in the fields of energy and climate through the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the utilization of renewable energy sources as well as climate change adaptation projects.

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