Stronger Together: Multi-City Pilot Cities Teaming Up


Author: Katherine Peinhardt Within the 53 NetZeroCities Pilot Cities, many are thinking big – going beyond local action as they scale impact to the national level. In Multi-City Pilot Cities in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, and Spain, groups of cities are working together to take on systemic and transformative activities and get to climate neutrality. By scaling up in this collaboration, these cities are taking targeted action on climate at the national scale, innovating on energy efficiency in buildings, crafting new governance models, and piloting ways to make finance work for a climate transition, among others.   Learn more [...]

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Our Call for Twin Cities is now open! Appy by 30 June 2023 


On 3 May 2023, NetZeroCities launched its Call for Twin Cities. This Twinning programme is a tailored learning programme for knowledge sharing and transfer of good practices between European cities, between upcoming selected Twin Cities, and the cities that were selected to join the NetZeroCities’ Pilot Cities Programme in March 2023. The overarching objective of the Twinning programme is to foster lasting connections between cities facing similar challenges and sharing interests in different emissions domains on the road to climate neutrality.   What will the learning programme be like?   Selected cities will embark on a  a 20-month programme that aims to exchange [...]

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53 to Zero: How NetZeroCities Pilot Cities Are Scaling Up the Climate Transition


Fifty-three cities are taking aim at the systemic challenge of rapidly and drastically reducing their emissions, paving the way for a climate-proof future in European cities by joining the NetZeroCities Pilot Cities Programme.  All of the selected cities have demonstrated their decarbonisation ambitions, as well as their plans to scale up their impact and create momentum locally and for other communities to reach climate neutrality. The Pilot Cities are located all across Europe. They represent twenty-one different European Union and Horizon 2020 Associated Countries and were chosen out of 103 applications involving 159 cities.   What is most powerful about the planned [...]

53 to Zero: How NetZeroCities Pilot Cities Are Scaling Up the Climate Transition2023-04-07T11:12:04+02:00
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