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The Art of Smart


Author: Alan MacKenzie The EU Cities Mission aims to make over 100 cities both climate-neutral and smart by 2030 – but what is a “smart city” and how does it help its climate goals? On Sweden’s southwest coast, the city of Helsingborg sees itself “as an enabler of innovation, rather than the innovators ourselves,” says Åsa Bjering, the programme manager for the city’s department of ‘Innovation and Green Transformation’. The distinction is important. A 2020 European Capital of Innovation Awards finalist, Helsingborg is well known for its forward thinking, and Bjering’s department brings together [...]

The Art of Smart2024-02-20T09:53:48+01:00

Budapest Winter School: Engaging Cities in Climate Action


Representatives from 19 Mission Cities will go into 2024 with renewed purpose and refreshed skills following a successful NetZeroCities Winter School in Budapest in late November. The 29 participants celebrated the opportunity to collaborate and share learning with contemporaries from across Europe, eager to transform their cities into models of sustainability and resilience. “The event was very informative, stimulating, and interactive. It deepened my understanding of the EU Cities Mission and process. I’m grateful for the organisation of such a meaningful event”, said one participant. Another said: “It was great to make contact with other cities and learn about the different [...]

Budapest Winter School: Engaging Cities in Climate Action2023-12-05T08:48:48+01:00

Krakow: Paving the way to climate neutrality


Krakow, alongside several other prominent Polish cities, is dedicated to achieving climate neutrality through the EU’s Mission of “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030”, with support from NetZeroCities. Within the framework of the EU’s Cities Mission, these urban centres are diligently crafting their unique Climate City Contracts, which will serve as comprehensive blueprints for their individualised climate strategies. Warsaw, Rzeszów, Łódź, Wrocław and Krakow are also taking part in the NetZeroCitiesPilot CitiesProgramme. The cities have joined forces under the NEEST project to develop their Pilot Activity - a practical retrofit tool to curb emissions from buildings. The Pilot Cities [...]

Krakow: Paving the way to climate neutrality2023-11-15T11:49:31+01:00

EU Mission Label award can ‘unlock’ cities’ potential on climate neutrality


"The first Mission Cities to secure the Mission Label is a milestone on their way to climate neutrality. We all know how big the challenge is and this key step is a sign of progress and momentum. The EU Mission Label has the power to significantly accelerate the climate transition journey for European Cities and unlock their potential.", says Thomas Osdoba, Director of the Mission Platform, NetZeroCities. After months of hard work and collaboration between Mission Cities, their local, regional, and, in some cases, national stakeholders—with the support of Mission platform partners across Europe—10 cities have had their Climate City Contracts [...]

EU Mission Label award can ‘unlock’ cities’ potential on climate neutrality2023-11-14T19:14:36+01:00

Engaging Public and Private Partners on Portal CCC Tools & Indicators


Envisaging New Connections NetZeroCities supports cities as they commit to ambitious action to get to climate neutrality. In supporting cities to develop and enact ambitious climate action plans, the Cities Mission aims to stimulate new ways of working and connecting, across sectors and institutions. The Climate City Contract (CCC) model helps cities to engage with stakeholders and make systemic change possible – and the NetZeroCities Portal helps cities to put that model into action. With Mission Cities committed to engaging in the CCC process that incorporates many other aspects of their existing climate planning and reporting, we see a significant opportunity [...]

Engaging Public and Private Partners on Portal CCC Tools & Indicators2023-10-03T18:59:30+02:00

40 Twin Cities to Replicate New Approaches to Climate Neutrality


Climate neutrality requires collaboration. That’s why the NetZeroCities Twinning Programme is matching 40 new Twin Cities from across Europe, including seven from Associated Countries, with Pilot Cities that are experimenting with new approaches to decarbonisation. As part of the EU’s ‘Cities Mission,’ this diverse cohort of Twin Cities is poised to replicate the successes seen in Pilot Cities, gleaning valuable insights from their testing of the latest strategies geared toward climate neutrality.  At its core, the NetZeroCities Twinning Programme is an effort to make sure that progress on climate has a ripple effect, with success in one city paving the way [...]

40 Twin Cities to Replicate New Approaches to Climate Neutrality2024-03-08T13:48:59+01:00

From Energy to Cooling, Pilot Cities Test Out Climate Neutrality Activities


This article is part of a series exploring the NetZeroCities Pilot Cities Programme, which includes Multi-City Pilot Cities, and integrates non-Mission Cities communities across the EU. Currently, a new Call for Pilot Cities is open, marking the next phase of exchange underpinning the ambition of the Cities Mission.  Pilot City activities are taking shape across the 53 cities selected to take part in the NetZeroCities Pilot Cities Programme – and they represent a wide array of communities at different phases of their journey towards climate neutrality. In addition to non-Mission Cities communities and Multi-City Pilot Cities, the following cities will test [...]

From Energy to Cooling, Pilot Cities Test Out Climate Neutrality Activities2023-09-21T15:54:49+02:00

The EU Cities Mission Journey Newsletter #4


The fourth EU Cities Mission Journey newsletter has been published and is available here. This fourth edition focuses on the Mission in Progress: Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Conference 2023, the Call for Twin Cities, the first edition of the Summer School that took place in Milan and the different activities taking place in Mission Cities. The newsletter also showcases NetZeroCities resources, such as the Companion Guide for Civic Environment Mapping and the Transition Team Playbook, and provides an overview of recent events NetZeroCities participated in, as well as a list of upcoming events of interest. If you want to keep up [...]

The EU Cities Mission Journey Newsletter #42023-07-18T17:29:01+02:00

Expanding Horizons: Pilot Cities Programme Involves Non-Mission Cities


The Pilot Cities Programme is expanding the reach of NetZeroCities by supporting four new non-Mission Cities as they test out new decarbonisation activities at the local scale. Focusing on data collection, governance, circular economy activities, energy efficiency, and more, these Pilot Cities are joining an ambitious group of urban changemakers testing out our next best moves towards climate neutrality. Rivne’s Plans for Better Data Rivne, Ukraine is focusing local Pilot City activities on data collection, building on its already significant emissions reductions and energy planning work to write a new Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan, or SECAP. A centralised online [...]

Expanding Horizons: Pilot Cities Programme Involves Non-Mission Cities2023-06-28T11:41:01+02:00

Spotlight Series: Why Climate Neutrality Requires Systemic Innovation


Author: Katherine Peinhardt A mission is meant to be transformative. In fact, the Cities Mission, alongside the other EU Missions, was modelled after humankind’s journey to the Moon. Much like the immense societal, technological, and scientific transformation that came about as a result of the mission to the Moon, the EU’s journey to climate neutrality means a radical change. The Cities Mission to forge 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030 requires that we address the climate crisis by changing the whole system.  The climate crisis is uniquely complex, bridging the realms of technological, economic, financial, institutional, and social systems. [...]

Spotlight Series: Why Climate Neutrality Requires Systemic Innovation2023-05-31T13:50:21+02:00
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